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The Venture Program with March Capital 

Objective and Overview: The Venture Program with March Capital is designed to promote and support student interest in roles in entrepreneurship, innovation, and venture capital at the Claremont Colleges.  The three-month program, conducted from February 25th to April 29th 2022, will expose students to the  venture capital industry and innovation economy through guided research projects and a number of  workshops led by the March Capital team. During the program, students will investigate areas of  interest to March Capital and present their findings in a pitch competition.  

March Capital will determine the focus areas for investigation prior to the program and students will  group into teams of no more than three to build investment theses around those areas. Historically,  March Capital has spent time in the following areas: Fintech, Enterprise AI, Cybersecurity, eCommerce  Enablement, and Data and Cloud Infrastructure.  

All RLCIE Fellows Candidates are welcome to enter. The prize for 2022 will be a reception hosted by  members of March Capital following the competition, a March Capital swag bag, a cash prize of $5,000,  and an invitation to attend The Montgomery Summit (May 24th and 25th). All competitors who make it to  the presentation phase of the program will receive March Capital swag. 

Expected time commitment varies, we anticipate the full program to take between 10 and 20 hours to  complete over the course of three months (incl. workshops and final presentation).  

Components of the Program & Timeline: 

February 25th, 2022: Program Introduction and Workshops 

– March Capital will facilitate two workshops for all interested program participants.  a. “VC Fundamentals: How March Capital Operates” + “How to Build an Investment Thesis” b. “How to Identify and Evaluate High Potential Companies” 

– The focus / top line themes of the program and competition will be disclosed and sent out to all  interested students following the workshops. 

  1. Sample themes: “Distributed Computing”, “The Intersection of Information Sciences and  Biological Sciences”, “Decentralized Technology and Blockchain”, “AI-based Healthcare  Technology” 

March-April 2022: The Program 

– Students work in teams of up to 3 to form theses around one of the program areas of focus. a. Students self-select teams or opt into being matched with other students for the program. Adele English, Senior Associate at March Capital, will hold monthly office hours for students in the  competition. 

February, 2022 

April 29th, 2022: Presentations and Prize 

– Student teams submit summaries of their investment theses (in doc or ppt format) to the March  Capital team, via Adele English, and present their investment theses live to a panel of judges (incl. the Partners of March Capital). 

The winning team may have an opportunity to present their thesis to an extended group of the  March Capital Investment Team. 

The prize is awarded to the winning team. 

About March Capital 

March Capital is a top-tier venture growth firm headquartered in Santa Monica, California and  investing globally since 2014. March identifies entrepreneurs with a provocative vision to lead the  future and later-stage companies poised for hyper-growth, then dares to go all in by leading rounds with  deep conviction and concentration risk. With $2B+ in capital over 4 funds and across 30 market leading technology companies, March accelerates the digital transformation of Cloud-based software,  automation, AI & IT infrastructure. Our vision is to create a best-in-class technology investment platform  by combining intense sector focus, patience, access to a global leadership network (including founding  The Montgomery Summit), and high-impact portfolio engagement to inspire & accelerate extraordinary  companies. 

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