Fellows Program

Claremont McKenna College’s Randall Lewis Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship launched its Fellows Program in the Fall of 2018. The Fellows Program provides experiential learning, mentoring and networking to prepare students to be innovative entrepreneurs.

We work with practicing entrepreneurs and investors to deliver real-world content and experiences via a series of workshops and seminars spanning a broad range of key topics faced by both founders and joiners at innovative companies of all sizes.

The program assists students as they plan for launching their careers with detailed insight into common roles for aspiring entrepreneurs, a cohesive summer internship program, and company visits.

The program offers students the ability to build their professional network through a 1:1 mentorship program with CMC alumni that are successfully building entrepreneurial careers in innovative industries, with a special focus on creating direct pathways for CMC students to build careers in the tech industry.

Students that successfully complete the program’s requirements will earn the designation of RLCIE Fellow.

The program is open to all majors and areas of study, and to all undergraduate students at CMC, Harvey Mudd, Pomona, Pitzer and Scripps. We encourage all freshmen and sophomores interested in business and innovation to apply. We’re open to juniors who are interested in joining the program, but the requirements to earn the RLCIE Fellows designation will require a significant commitment to accomplish in only two years.

As a relatively new program, the RLCIE Fellows Program’s details including content, requirements, benefits and eligibility are subject to change, and very likely will change as we collect student and alumni feedback on ways to increase the program’s overall value.

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